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Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 – Connect2Media Receive 2 Nominations

14 Feb

It’s that time of year again! When the red carpets are getting unfurled, the champagne is being poured, and envelope manufacturers are being rushed off their feet. That’s right, it’s awards season.

This year, Connect2Media has been nominated for not one, but two games in the Mobile Game of the Year category in the 2012 Pocket Gamer Awards. Both Farm Frenzy 2 and Square King both received nominations in the category, so now it’s just a game of wait and see. Both nominations mean a lot to us, and it’s truly an honour to be in a category that includes so many other incredible games, and to have been nominated in the awards in the first place!

To take a look at all the nominations, head over to Pocket Gamer’s 2012 Awards page here


Prizes and awards galore – Pocket Gamer Awards part 1

11 Nov

It’s been an exciting few weeks here at Connect2Media!

We gave away some prizes for our Top Trumps competition, with the main prize, an iPad 2, going to lucky James from High Wycombe. We also received some games awards from Pocket Gamer! So, we’ve decided to do an early yearly recap and highlight some of the games what were given awards, as well as some upcoming sequels that are coming out soon.

Let’s kick off with a spot light on Farm Frenzy 2, which was awarded a Silver Pocket Gamer Award for Android and a Bronze one for Mobile.

This is the sequel to the smash hit Farm Frenzy and tests your management skills in running a farm. But it’s so much than just a farming sim! Farm Frenzy 2 is addictive, thrilling and with 90 story-based levels gives you hours of arcade fun! You start off small, with some chickens and other bits, but as you progress through the different levels, you can grow grass, buy chickens and feed them, collect eggs and take your produce to market. Once you’ve made a sale, you can spend your earnings to expand your farm, or buy tasty treats for yourself. As Pocket Gamer put it:

“Because everything needs to be managed at once, on a time limit, and without missing a beat, Farm Frenzy 2 turns from what looks like another Farmville-style cartoon farming game into complete and utter pandemonium.”

The game is available on Android and on Java, so check it out on Android Market or go to games menu on your handset and search for ‘Farm Frenzy 2’ to join in the fun.

Also, don’t forget to check back next week for part 2 of our Pocket Gamer Awards recap.

Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up 5

26 Aug

After a whopping 8 weeks since the last mobile gaming round-up we thought it was high time for the next in the series. And what an interesting week of news it has been! We bring you four juicy news stories covering tablets and tables and everything in-between. Enjoy!

Tablet News

This week it’s all about the tablet. Firstly, to add to the recent surge of mobile patent warfare, we have the on-going patent battle between Samsung and Apple about whether Samsung tablets infringe on Apple’s concept. Samsung’s most interesting comeback so far has been that Apple didn’t infact invent the tablet, 2001: A Space Odyssey did!

Personally we think they are playing a quick game of Civilization IV on their early iPads in the image below! What do you think?

Table News

Moving on from tablet news we have table news… with the iTableous – a wonderfully massive version of an iPhone 4. Packed with HD 40-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, accelerometer, and most importantly the functionality to play games, here at Connect2media we desperately want to get our hands on one for the office! Unfortunately the maker, German inventor Benjamin Bachmeier, has only made one and it’s for personal use. So we’ll have to make do with watching the video, below:

The Future of Gaming?

Could an “electronic tattoo” invented by US scientists be the future of mobile gaming? The device is thinner than a human hair, sticks to skin using the same force that sticks geckos to walls and can wrinkle and stretch without breaking. Scientists attached one to a volunteer’s throat and it was able to tell the difference between words like up, down, left, right, go and stop which they used to power a simple computer game. John Rogers, professor in material science and engineering at the University of Illinois, said: “It’s a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology.”

So we’ve gone from keypads to touchscreens to voice, what’s next?

Apple vs Android

And to finish we bring you some data from the guys at Hunch. From a series of answers given by 2000 respondents they have found some interesting differences between users of iPhones and Android phones, including:

iPhone users are more likely to eat sushi and sorbet, whilst Android users are more likely to like mini-pizzas and ice-cream!

iPhone users are more likely to have been early adopters of the internet, whilst Android users are more likely to have just one email address!

iPhone users like watching HBO while Android users like X-Men and Harry Potter!

What do you think? Does this sound like you? Answer in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page!


Working in Mobile Gaming

8 Jul










Here at Connect2Media we are sad to say goodbye to two of our newest placement students, Sophie and Michael, who have joined us for a 3 month masters placement and a week’s work experience respectively. Before they left they shared their thoughts on their time with us, and gave advice on how to get into the industry:

So… tell us a bit about yourself:

Michael: I’m 17, fromLiverpool, currently studying maths, further maths, physics and computing at A-level. I want to study Engineering or Computer Science at University, but my aim is to get a job working in the games industry as a designer or producer. I mainly play RPGs and FPSs on the PlayStation 3.

Sophie: I’m 21, from the Valleys of South Wales, and I’ve nearly finished my masters in Business and Marketing. I’m a casual gamer at heart and can spend hours at a time playing games on my mobile!

What have you been doing on your placement?

Michael: With the marketing team I took screenshots for promotional material, as well as helping update the Facebook and Wikipedia pages. With production I helped make minor changes to an Android game called “Color Stars”, and also designed the user interface and thought of some new game mechanics for the 365 Board Games sequel.

Sophie: I’ve been working with the marketing team to implement a new social media strategy, running competitions and engaging gamers on forums. One of my bigger projects was to undertake some consumer research into casual gamers and analyse the results.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learnt?

Michael: The most interesting thing I have learnt is how the game creation process works- who and what is involved at each step. This has helped my understanding of the creation process and has made me want to join the industry even more.

Sophie: I was a bit of a mobile gaming novice before I started, so everything I’ve learnt has been new and interesting!! I think the most fascinating thing though has been watching titles transform from simple ideas to fully formed games that people are discussing on our social sites and forums.  

Any advice to others trying to get work experience with a mobile gaming company?

Michael: Just keep asking at as many places as you possibly can, and eventually somewhere will let you in.

Sophie: I agree with Michael. Don’t be shy, just ask. The worst that can happen is they say no! And once you get some experience remember to write down everything – it can be a lot to take in on your first day!

If you want to ask Sophie or Michael any questions about their time with us, follow them on Twitter at @sophierussler and @mikeh1194

Please Help!!!

16 Jun

We want to know what influences people like you to buy mobile games, and the sort of games that you like. This will help us to make even more exciting and fun games in the future!

Our short survey should take you less than five minutes to complete, and as thanks you will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 Amazon vouchers (or equivalent for those in other countries). The winner will be announced on the 20th July.

Thank you and good luck!

Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up

18 May

It’s been an interesting news week in the mobile gaming world, from shiny new statistics on the growth of Android, to scientific discoveries on how to charge your phone. But don’t worry if you’ve missed it – catch up on the good bits in our weekly round-up blog:

Android, Android, and…. Android

Androids taking over

Following Google’s I/O conference on Tuesday, we’ve been swamped with stats on the meteoric rise of Android… even if they do say so themselves! A staggering 400,000 devices are being activated every day, with a grand total so far of 100 million. They’ve also seen 4.5 billion app downloads, which in our eyes equates to a lot of hours of gaming!

Google also announced a new operating system in the pipeline, with the very summery and hunger inducing name, ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. This aims to bring more multitasking and richer widgets to your phone, which is never a bad thing.

Since the conference we have been hearing a lot of predictions for Android’s future. Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, thinks that Android tablets will overtake the iPad in just three years. Our followers on Twitter took difference stances on the subject, with some saying iPads will continue to rule, and others predicting a faster rise for Android. What do you think? Post your comments below.



Science buffs in South Koreahave found a way to recharge batteries using just the power of human voice. Apparently it works by turning sound into electricity by using strands of zinc oxide sandwiched between two electrodes, and would be charged by conversations, background noise and music.

A prototype of the technology was able to convert sound of around 100 decibels – the equivalent of noisy traffic – to generate 50 millivolts of electricity, which sadly isn’t enough to charge your phone at the moment, but the scientists hope to improve it in the near future.

This sounds to us like a great excuse to shout at our phones after being eaten by sharks in Parachute Panic!

Your world in 3D

LG Optimus 3D

The LG Optimus 3D was shown off to a number of lucky developers at Google’s conference, and from what we’ve heard it’s all looking very positive. Three facts which have got us very excited here at Connect2Media are:

  1. It is the world’s first full 3D smartphone, and has a 4.3” 3D LCD touch screen that allows you to view 2D up to 1080p and 3D up to 720p
  2. It has a 3D 5MP camera that lets you capture and record in 3D, and then upload to YouTube’s 3D channel
  3. And… you don’t need any 3D glasses!

Which we think all makes for a very interesting 3D gaming experience. Stephen Hey, marketing manager here at Connect2Media, says:

“The LG Optimus 3D offers some interesting opportunities for us a a games developer and publisher. I think, importantly, it shows how far handset technology has come and how fast we can match more conventional game consoles. The Nintendo 3DS has hardly been out for a few months and yet here is a handset with similar 3D tech. With handsets like this, and the advances in mobile chip technology, we will be matching the power of current home consoles very soon.”

So which games are you most looking forward to seeing in 3D?

Mobile gaming takes a leap forward with Xperia Play

14 Feb

The Xperia play phone/games console.

XperiaTM PLAY brings smartphone functionality worthy of tech lovers, and teams it with a gaming experience to match other handheld consoles. So will it join the top dogs as a smartphone of choice?

When the phone is held portrait, there is nothing to negatively distinguish it from the other high profile smartphones on the market. It matches them with a 5.1 mega pixel camera with auto focus, geo tagging, image stabiliser and video blogging functionality. In addition you get 4″ multi-touch screen with 480 x 865 pixels, and advanced social networking features.

Turn it around however, and you get something that no other smartphone currently offers. Slide out the game pad and you see two analogue touch pads, a digital D pad, and the instantly recognisable PlayStation icons. The  Snapdragon processor with a 1Ghz CPU and embedded Adreno GPU graphics processor deliver smooth 3D mobile gaming with minimal power consumption.

See the features in more detail here.

So we’re thinking we can play games on the train in the morning and still have plenty of battery for the day’s activities (and even more gaming on the way home!). What do you think? Do you think the gaming functionality will have you trading your current handset?

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