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Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 – Connect2Media Receive 2 Nominations

14 Feb

It’s that time of year again! When the red carpets are getting unfurled, the champagne is being poured, and envelope manufacturers are being rushed off their feet. That’s right, it’s awards season.

This year, Connect2Media has been nominated for not one, but two games in the Mobile Game of the Year category in the 2012 Pocket Gamer Awards. Both Farm Frenzy 2 and Square King both received nominations in the category, so now it’s just a game of wait and see. Both nominations mean a lot to us, and it’s truly an honour to be in a category that includes so many other incredible games, and to have been nominated in the awards in the first place!

To take a look at all the nominations, head over to Pocket Gamer’s 2012 Awards page here


MGF 2011

26 Jan

I spent part of the weekend reflecting on the MGF 2011 and what the important messages were. So here are my thoughts for what I thought were the key themes:

Clearly the biggest innovators in games are not in the carrier focused world right now. An often quoted joke is that if someone had pitched Angry Birds to a carrier 24 months ago they may not have given you a lot of time for it. This is a bit harsh because we pitched Go! Go! Rescue Squad! about 24 months ago, it was widely accepted, critically well reviewed but not our biggest commercial success so that brings me onto the next point.

The iTunes App store has given people a voice and a vote in the types of games and apps that they use and purchase. Attracting a community of people who are first day downloaders, rate it 3* plus and support your game is crucially important. This is and price, I think, are the big differences between the open app stores and the carrier worlds. For Android, if there is a way to marry the carrier’s brand values to a cleaned up suite of content that has open reviews and scores against it then it may well be a very positive step. Open Feint and Scoreloop could well be tools to achieve this that span carriers and tap people into a wider community but they are both closed systems and rely heavily on Facebook which is yet another community.

Platform Change

“J2ME is great! You just need to write it once.” was a key line I remember from my first meeting with the iFone publishing team in 2001. Right now C2M supports over 2,500 devices with over a 110 builds and this is not the promised land of manageablility Sun sold us. However, its been paying the bills and is still our biggest revenue source and will be for the forseeable future. The key problem for the carrier based industry is can we make Android and other Smartphone platforms a similar success but with fewer device fragmentation issues and lower production costs?

Content and Publishers

A quite lively panel with myself, Olivier Bernard, Peter Bacher and Nicholas Lovell argued were myself and Oli still needed? A good question and I think one that was well explored. Jon Jordan’s posted a good review of it here: Pocketgamer

My view is that we are still needed and offer developers and other publishers a good route to market in channels that we specialise in. C2M is extremely active in the carrier market and unlike others has not rushed to drop it. I think that this focused approach provides us with a clarity of vision that few others can provide. What is clear though is that there is where as before it was very much a Hobson’s choice for developers there is now an opportunity to genuinely select the best Publisher for an opportunity.

Overall I think MGF 2011 was the best one I have attended for several years.

Greg Robinson, Connect2Media

Connect2Media launch OFFICIAL Phil Hellmuth poker game

26 Nov

We are pleased to announce that we are now distributing the official phone game of one of the world’s top poker superstars, Phil Hellmuth.

‘Phil Hellmuth’s High Stakes Hold’Em’ is published by Oasys Mobile and will be distributed by us at Connect2Media globally, launching first in the US. Phil Hellmuth became the youngest person ever to win the World Series of Poker at 24 and is the number one player in the history of the WSOP with 11 wins!

In the game players are coached by Phil Hellmuth himself and can take him on in head-to-head battles. Live multi-player games and chat are included as well as the chance to play your way around the world in a series of career defining tournaments. Phil will even be dropping in at random to take players on in real time when the game launches later this year.

“The game is awesome,” said Phil Hellmuth. “You can play on-line, off-line, take tips from me – even take me on if you are brave enough. There’s only one Phil Hellmuth and there is only one poker game worth having on your cell phone and it’s Phil Hellmuth’s High Stakes Hold’Em.”

The game will initially be available in the USA. Connect2Media’s VP of Sales & Marketing Greg Graham said, “Poker is massively popular on cell phones and, with the endorsement of the ‘Poker Brat’ himself Phil Hellmuth, we think that this game will fly off the deck. And, if the chance to play a ‘virtual’ Phil Hellmuth in-game wasn’t enough Phil will be dropping into games at random to play people for real”, he continued.

“With ‘Phil Hellmuth’s High Stakes Hold’Em’ we are bringing something really new, fresh and unique to the market. No other game boasts the ability to play such a grand master of the art and Phil Hellmuth has been very involved in realizing the authentic consumer experience in the game. And with Connect2Media’s distribution and marketing in place, we feel that we have a winning hand.”

The game is now available in the US but will be going live worldwide at the beginning of 2011.

Publishing on Traditional Phones in a Smartphone Age

16 Nov

At the Unconference in Dusseldorf much was said of the emergence of new platforms, Windows phone, Android devices etc. My presentation for Connect2Media went against this to a certain extent and talked about the 4 out of 5 phones out there which are not Smartphones, the slow down of the handset replacement cycle and the state of the economy in Europe and the US which means that Smartphones may not be a mass market proposition for some people for a while yet.

What this leaves us with then is a huge market for those who still have Java based handsets. Not to mention the incredible number of handsets still being sold by the likes of Samsung, Nokia and LG to purchasers who either can’t afford, or are not interested in anything cleverer than a device for making phone calls. Mintel’s ‘Mobile Phones and Networks’ stated that 30% of users are not at all interested in handsets but want ‘the cheapest deal’ also suggesting that there will be Java devices around for a while yet.

So the implications for Connect2Media are clear. While we cannot be complacent and have started transitioning to Android and other platforms, it is still a sound strategy to keep producing compelling, fun games and apps for non Smartphones, innovating with award winning games like ‘EDGE’ and making the most of technologies such as Bluetooth like our new ‘Doodle Battleships’ game. Java was once the king, maybe not any more, but Java is far from being dead.

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