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Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up 5

26 Aug

After a whopping 8 weeks since the last mobile gaming round-up we thought it was high time for the next in the series. And what an interesting week of news it has been! We bring you four juicy news stories covering tablets and tables and everything in-between. Enjoy!

Tablet News

This week it’s all about the tablet. Firstly, to add to the recent surge of mobile patent warfare, we have the on-going patent battle between Samsung and Apple about whether Samsung tablets infringe on Apple’s concept. Samsung’s most interesting comeback so far has been that Apple didn’t infact invent the tablet, 2001: A Space Odyssey did!

Personally we think they are playing a quick game of Civilization IV on their early iPads in the image below! What do you think?

Table News

Moving on from tablet news we have table news… with the iTableous – a wonderfully massive version of an iPhone 4. Packed with HD 40-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, accelerometer, and most importantly the functionality to play games, here at Connect2media we desperately want to get our hands on one for the office! Unfortunately the maker, German inventor Benjamin Bachmeier, has only made one and it’s for personal use. So we’ll have to make do with watching the video, below:

The Future of Gaming?

Could an “electronic tattoo” invented by US scientists be the future of mobile gaming? The device is thinner than a human hair, sticks to skin using the same force that sticks geckos to walls and can wrinkle and stretch without breaking. Scientists attached one to a volunteer’s throat and it was able to tell the difference between words like up, down, left, right, go and stop which they used to power a simple computer game. John Rogers, professor in material science and engineering at the University of Illinois, said: “It’s a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology.”

So we’ve gone from keypads to touchscreens to voice, what’s next?

Apple vs Android

And to finish we bring you some data from the guys at Hunch. From a series of answers given by 2000 respondents they have found some interesting differences between users of iPhones and Android phones, including:

iPhone users are more likely to eat sushi and sorbet, whilst Android users are more likely to like mini-pizzas and ice-cream!

iPhone users are more likely to have been early adopters of the internet, whilst Android users are more likely to have just one email address!

iPhone users like watching HBO while Android users like X-Men and Harry Potter!

What do you think? Does this sound like you? Answer in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page!



Spotlight on… Top Trumps

25 May

If you haven’t been ‘trumping’ your opponents since about the age of six, then where have you been? Top Trumps have now racked up a dizzying 50 million packs sold, throughout Europe,USA,Australia and Japan. For those of you that somehow don’t know, in Top Trumps you basically have to choose the best stat from a card, and cross your fingers that have beaten your rival. If you win, you get their card, and you keep going till you’ve won the entire deck.

However, there are three things you might not know about the famous game:

  1. The original Top Trumps were launched in 1977, and covered thrilling topics such as ‘military hardware’ and ‘modes of transport’!
  2. Many of the packs have become sought after collectors’ items, but the rarest is the ‘wedding pack’ distributed by the director of Winning Moves (the maker of the Top Trumps games) to guests at his wedding.
  3. You can get Top Trumps on your mobile! Yes, that’s right, here at Connect2Media we have teamed up with Winning Moves to bring you a series of the classic games, starting with 007 and NBA.

Shaken not Stirred

007 The Best of Bond, the first game to be released in the mobile series, celebrates the longest running film franchise in cinema history. It covers every official Bond movie ever made and includes iconic characters from Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, to Miss Moneypenny and Goldfinger.

Mark Hauser, Commercial & Licensing Manager for Winning Moves, said:

 “Bond is one of our most popular properties and works perfectly as a Top Trumps game. The mobile version is bound to appeal across the board as the Bond franchise is as strong today as it was in 1962 when the first movie hit the big screen”. 


Our newest release is Top Trumps NBA, and features 30 giants from the greatest league in the world, with up-to-date official stats. Great for tuning up your basketball knowledge – for example did you know that Andrea Bargnani from the Toronto Raptors is a massive 7 foot tall? You certainly wouldn’t lose him in a crowd!

Listen to Will Luton and Daniel Twomey from Mobile Pie talking about the development of the game in their ‘developer’s diary’ below:

Super Mario Bros On Violin

14 Feb

I thought this was absolutely incredible so it’s only fair I share it with you. This guy amazingly and accurately manages to play the soundtrack and sounds for Mario Bros alongside the game.

Highlights of the Mobile World Congress So far…

14 Feb

Sony Xperia

Its not even been through its first day and already a multitude of exciting things have come to surface at the MWC 2011. The big talking point has obviously been the new Xperia handset from Sony. The video below is footage from earlier today and shows the fluidity and flexibility of the new OS and how easy it is to use…

A release date has also been confirmed, the details are below…

Sony Ericsson just announced that Big Red customers will be able to snatch up the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in early Spring as they’ll be the first carrier in the United States to carry the device. We expected that to happen, but it’s official now. They also left TONS of room for other carriers to make their own announcements, and we’re sure that many European outlets will have the goods you’re looking for. Look out for our Xperia Play hands-on in a bit!

A shot from the Xperia Presentation at MWC

Optimus 3D P920 (Aptly titled as this looks like a monster of a phone)

Other news comes from LG who have unveiled their Optimus 3D P920, which they have alleged is the worlds first phone that will use the dual core facility to its full capacity, speeding up games, web pages and everything else in between.

The Optimus 3D Phone

LG announced the Optimus 3D with dual-everything architecture at MWC today, and it packs quite the punch. The glasses-free 3D capable handset sports a 1GHz dual-core dual-channel processor (Texas Instruments OMAP4), 4.3-inch 3D WVGA screen, 8GB memory and 4Gb LP DDR2, 1,500 mAh battery, 5MP dual-lens camera which can shoot 2D in 1080p and 3D in 720p, and it willy initially run Android 2.2 Froyo. We also learned earlier that LG partnered with YouTube to bring a unique 3D experience to the handset – allowing users to upload and view 3D videos directly on their device.
The LG Optimus 3D will begin shipping globally starting with Europe early in the second quarter.

LG also released an incredibly cheesy promotional video, the cheese i hope is for deliberate humorous effect, but does go some way in outlining the power of its 3D capability

their promotional video is incredibly entertaining, inspirational and sums it all up really well, It innovatively compares their new phones infrastructure to a production plant…watch it and you’ll get what i mean..

There will be more updates soon 🙂

Mobile gaming takes a leap forward with Xperia Play

14 Feb

The Xperia play phone/games console.

XperiaTM PLAY brings smartphone functionality worthy of tech lovers, and teams it with a gaming experience to match other handheld consoles. So will it join the top dogs as a smartphone of choice?

When the phone is held portrait, there is nothing to negatively distinguish it from the other high profile smartphones on the market. It matches them with a 5.1 mega pixel camera with auto focus, geo tagging, image stabiliser and video blogging functionality. In addition you get 4″ multi-touch screen with 480 x 865 pixels, and advanced social networking features.

Turn it around however, and you get something that no other smartphone currently offers. Slide out the game pad and you see two analogue touch pads, a digital D pad, and the instantly recognisable PlayStation icons. The  Snapdragon processor with a 1Ghz CPU and embedded Adreno GPU graphics processor deliver smooth 3D mobile gaming with minimal power consumption.

See the features in more detail here.

So we’re thinking we can play games on the train in the morning and still have plenty of battery for the day’s activities (and even more gaming on the way home!). What do you think? Do you think the gaming functionality will have you trading your current handset?

The Future Of Digital Distribution

9 Feb

The biggest names in the gaming industry explore where digital distribution, cloud computing and streaming multimedia have the potential to take video games, movies, music, TV and more.

Plus, a look at how streaming multimedia and downloadable content (DLC) promise to change home entertainment forever. Features commentary from a litany of video game business experts and insiders including Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Electronic Arts/Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins, Gaikai CEO David Perry, Disney Interactive Studios head Graham Hopper and THQ CEO Brian Farrell, plus leading reporters from The Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, VentureBeat and others.

Connect2Media has a new YouTube channel!

19 Aug

We all enjoy a good video, right? Well, you will be pleased to know that Connect2Media has a lovely new YouTube channel and it is full of ripe new content!

Head over to to keep up to date with our latest game releases and videos. Our channel includes some awesome clips like this one…

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We always enjoy receiving your ideas too, so if you have any suggestions for video content that you would like to see on our channel then let us know.

Happy watching 🙂

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