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30 Sep

We have just released an update to our ‘Top Trumps Collection’ (free) app for iPhone/iPod touch and are so excited we are giving away an iPad 2 as well as an iPod touch and a host of beautiful Top Trumps merchandise.

The update to the top five App Store smash, Top Trumps Collection, features the all new ‘Celebs’ pack in all its tinsel town glory. Priced, in game, at 69p it joins the recently released ‘European Football Stars’ and the ever expanding range of packs including ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Gumball 3000 Supercars’ and ‘007 Best of Bond’.

Prizes as follows:

1st: iPad 2 plus Top Trumps Tournament board game
2nd: iPod touch 4 plus Top Trumps Tournament board game
Runners up: 8 x Top Trumps Tournamentboard game and NBA Top Trumps card pack.

We think it’s a good way to increase interest in the game and to get some sign-ups to our mailing list – time will tell.
If you are interested in entering the competition, just point your browser to, enter your email and hit submit. Simple!


Special thanks to ThePrizeFinder, Loquax CompetitionsCompetitions UK,, and for helping us to promote the draw.


Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up 4

22 Jun

Now that everything has cooled down a bit after the hectic week that was E3 we thought it was high time to bring you all the fourth mobile gaming round-up. This week we’re bringing you three juicy nuggets of information from the unveiling of the Nokia N9 to the growing addiction to apps. Enjoy!

Nokia N9 unveiled

This beautiful piece of hardware will be hitting the shelves later this year armed with the much anticipated MeeGo operating system, a polycarbonate shell that’s coloured all the way through (great news for those prone to scratches), and a screen that covers pretty much all of one side.

We’re thinking the latter is great news for gamers who want to see their Ovi Store games as large as possible! So, do you think you’ll take the plunge with the first (and last) MeeGo Nokia mobile?

More N9 hardware details here.

Addicted to apps!

The Guardian this week brought us the exciting news that people are spending more time per day on their apps (including games) than on either desktop or mobile web.

This has come from staggering growth in just the past year: in June 2010 the average user spent 43 minutes a day on apps, but fast forward to June 2011 and we’re spending 81 minutes a day on them. Yes that’s nearly an hour and a half every single day!

No wonder when we’re hearing news like the fact 1 in 3 iPad users can’t bear to be separated from their games to the point where they use it in the toilet! Here at Connect2Media we’re not so sure tech and water should mix :S

Mobile Gaming Research

We’re currently doing a bit of research into everyone and anyone who plays games on their phone. Some interesting trends are already starting to emerge like the fact that more people hear about games they want to buy for the first time on social networks rather than on deck.

But we still want more respondents!!

By filling out a quick survey (taking no longer than 5 minutes… promise) you will be entered into a draw to win £50 Amazon vouchers. Good luck!


Mobile gaming weekly round-up 3

6 Jun

With E3 2011 kicking off tomorrow (and therefore filling our brains with long-awaited announcements) we thought we would get our mobile gaming round-up in early. So what can you expect from the third round-up in the series? Everything from the future of Nokia to a boy who sold his kidney for an iPad… yes really!

The Future of Nokia?

So last week Nokia were in the news for the re-branding of Ovi and this week they have re-entered the news again, this time due to pressure from Android. The CEO, Stephen Elop, admits that in Europe at least, Android is starting to eat away at Nokia’s number one spot:

“We’re seeing a large volume of Android devices really coming into the market. They’re largely undifferentiated from one another, which is putting pricing pressure thereupon”

Backing this up, a recent study by GfK TechTalk found that young consumers are now just as likely to consider HTC a brand as they are to consider superbrand Nokia as one.

So what of Nokia’s future? Well it doesn’t look too bad for them yet. The latest research from ComScore found that Nokia still makes four of the top ten handsets inEuropeincluding the all important number one with the Nokia 5800 Xpress music.

What do you think? Will Nokia ride out this competition from Android devices?

Tablets and Game Design

Our very own game developer John Tatlock published a blog over on ngconnect today, where he shares his thoughts on tablets and what they mean for gaming.

Firstly we can sure that tablet owners are playing lots and lots of games. AdMob recently found that games trump all other uses for tablets, with 84% of owners playing them. From his own experience however, John thinks that this is a different sort of gaming:

“During a recent family visit, the nephews and nieces were quite happy to gather into a big huddle on the couch, playing single player games as a group, all merrily poking away at different objects on the screen… Even the smallest laptops don’t really lend themselves to being passed around and shared in this way.”

Tablet computers, he speculates, will become far more part of the shared home environment than either the hyper-personal smartphone or the home office-bound desktop or laptop.

Do you agree?

Loving games a little bit too much!

And finishing on a slightly less serious note (or more serious depending on how you look at it!) is the news this week that a kid has sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad 2!

“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it,” said the boy so far known to be surnamed Zheng. “A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.”

Now we love games here at Connect2Media but even we think this is taking it too far! Thankfully the police have been called by his mother. What do you think? Do you have any other stories of people loving games that little bit too much?

Nintendo Need A Nokia Moment

18 Mar

The famous Nokia memo that saw CEO Stephen Elop tearing the company apart was a call to action, a punctuation mark for the company. But it wasn’t a full stop. It would have been much more worrying for Elop to issue a platitudinous memo saying that everything was fine, and Nokia should carry on the way it was going.

This is what worries me, at the moment, about Nintendo. They seem to have gone into denial. Michael French’s excellent summary of the GDC speeches by Iwata and Apple in last week’s MCV really brought this to the fore. Iwata was doom mongering for the industry and separating ‘games’ from ‘apps’. Nintendo seem fixed on making games, putting them on bits of plastic, and flogging them at £40 a pop. Well, great – if you can get away with it but that was then, and this is now.

I have no doubt that the 3DS will sell shed loads with a low, but decent attachment rate for software. But I am certain that it will not have the lifespan of the original DS whose genuine innovation in play pattern saw it, deservedly, rule the mobile gaming roost until the iPod touch came along. And now, we are all gamers. But we are playing ‘Angry Birds’ not ‘Animal Crossing’.

Don’t get me wrong, I HEART NINTENDO. I respect them as the greatest creators of video games that ever were. They have given my kids, my friends, and me many hours of pure fun. More or less anything first party is stupendous and they have defined so much about what makes our business so engaging and joyous. But Nintendo seriously need a ‘Nokia Memo Moment’. They need to realise that they have the potential to carry on making money by putting their games into more hands than ever. They need to look at making their £40 in other ways, look at the numbers giving regular subscriptions to ‘Binweevils’ and ‘Moshi Monsters’ as a good place to start. What about letting Mario loose on a few other platforms, what about those animals crossing onto Facebook?

I don’t have the answers (obviously) but I don’t want Nintendo to wither because they are too stubborn to see into the future and change with the market. In fact, I think there is more potential for more people than ever before to share in the magic of Nintendo games. But Nintendo need to shift their perspective, experiment, stop being so blinkered and get their wonderful games into the hands of the masses.

Want to Salsa or Chacha HTC style?

16 Feb

I’m not reffering to dancing around and making a complete fool of yourself. These are the names given to the 2 new “facebook” phones unveiled by HTC today at the Mobile World Congress. They have been nicknamed facebook phones because of their designated facebook button, the term coined by HTC is “one-touch facebook access”..but this is just the beginning.

Chacha anyone?

According to GSM arena, The ChaCha has a peculiar form factor that HTC haven’t tried in a while. It has a 2.6-inch touchscreen display of the same HVGA resolution and a full four-row QWERTY keyboard for texting. It utilizes the same 600MHz processor and the same-looking 5 megapixel camera with LED flash

And the promo video looks pretty damn cool too

Or would you prefer to Salsa?

According to GSMArena this one features a 3.4-inch touchscreen display of HVGA (480×320) resolution, 5MP auto-focus snapper with LED flash, 600MHz processor and 512MB RAM. It dully covers connectivity with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and Dual-band 3G.

Again, pretty cool promo vid…

New Theme!

9 Feb

It has been a short while since this blog was updated, however it will now be kept fresh and up to date a lot more frequently, with exciting stories, news and videos from the exciting world of gaming as well as updates on what’s going on in the Connnect2Media Headquarters. Feel free to tweet this or like it on facebook 🙂 …also, what do you guys think of the new theme, drop us a comment below…

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