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Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up 5

26 Aug

After a whopping 8 weeks since the last mobile gaming round-up we thought it was high time for the next in the series. And what an interesting week of news it has been! We bring you four juicy news stories covering tablets and tables and everything in-between. Enjoy!

Tablet News

This week it’s all about the tablet. Firstly, to add to the recent surge of mobile patent warfare, we have the on-going patent battle between Samsung and Apple about whether Samsung tablets infringe on Apple’s concept. Samsung’s most interesting comeback so far has been that Apple didn’t infact invent the tablet, 2001: A Space Odyssey did!

Personally we think they are playing a quick game of Civilization IV on their early iPads in the image below! What do you think?

Table News

Moving on from tablet news we have table news… with the iTableous – a wonderfully massive version of an iPhone 4. Packed with HD 40-inch screen, 4GB of RAM, accelerometer, and most importantly the functionality to play games, here at Connect2media we desperately want to get our hands on one for the office! Unfortunately the maker, German inventor Benjamin Bachmeier, has only made one and it’s for personal use. So we’ll have to make do with watching the video, below:

The Future of Gaming?

Could an “electronic tattoo” invented by US scientists be the future of mobile gaming? The device is thinner than a human hair, sticks to skin using the same force that sticks geckos to walls and can wrinkle and stretch without breaking. Scientists attached one to a volunteer’s throat and it was able to tell the difference between words like up, down, left, right, go and stop which they used to power a simple computer game. John Rogers, professor in material science and engineering at the University of Illinois, said: “It’s a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology.”

So we’ve gone from keypads to touchscreens to voice, what’s next?

Apple vs Android

And to finish we bring you some data from the guys at Hunch. From a series of answers given by 2000 respondents they have found some interesting differences between users of iPhones and Android phones, including:

iPhone users are more likely to eat sushi and sorbet, whilst Android users are more likely to like mini-pizzas and ice-cream!

iPhone users are more likely to have been early adopters of the internet, whilst Android users are more likely to have just one email address!

iPhone users like watching HBO while Android users like X-Men and Harry Potter!

What do you think? Does this sound like you? Answer in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page!



Please Help!!!

16 Jun

We want to know what influences people like you to buy mobile games, and the sort of games that you like. This will help us to make even more exciting and fun games in the future!

Our short survey should take you less than five minutes to complete, and as thanks you will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 Amazon vouchers (or equivalent for those in other countries). The winner will be announced on the 20th July.

Thank you and good luck!

Women leading the way in mobile social gaming.

23 Feb


The market for mobile social gaming has been growing rapidly in recent months and showing no sign of slowing in 2011. In fact, as I write this, 11 of the 20 top grossing games on Apple’s UK App Store are freemium social games.

We are now starting to see titles like Tap Zoo and Smurf’s Village rake in more money than famous names like Angry Birds and Fifa 2011, and this is encouraging developers to put more time and effort into making addictive social games.

But who are these social gamers?

Well firstly they are not the stereotypical 18-34 hardcore male gamer! Flurry Analytics recently published a report from a sample of 60,000 gamers that concludes that the average age is 28 (28.9 for women, 27.4 for men), and players were split pretty much equally for gender (47:53 male/female split).

In addition, this gamer earns 50% more than the average American, and is twice as likely to have a degree.

Social gamers chart

As Peter Farago, of Flurry Analytics, writes in a blog post “hardcore gaming is facing competition from more mass-market-friendly gaming apps on mobile devices. In particular, iOS is taking a bite out of portable platforms”

This new type of gaming is a pretty big market. Considering that the combined units of Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3 is estimated to be 180 million units, the 250 million iOS and Android devices in the market seems like a lot!

So what do you think? Is this highly engaged, younger, more educated, more female segment taking ownership of gaming?

China’s path of domination reaching the gaming market….

23 Feb

Utilizing the power of social networks and mobile technology, China is about to overtake America as the largest gaming market in the world.

A report from Digi-Capital makes the prediction that China’s total revenue from games will grow to around $22bn by 2014 and represent a quarter of the world’s gaming revenues (from its current position of around 12%). This will be taken from the share currently held by the US, taking them down from 26% to 22%.

This growth will be fuelled by the rapid growth in online and mobile games, within whichChinais the leading world player. At the same time, predicts Digi-Capital, sales of traditional console games will remain flat, or even decrease.

This is not surprising, given that online games are quick to publish and can achieve gross margins  of 50%, whereas blockbuster console games require sales of anywhere between 500,000 and 1m units to simply break even.

In fact, Chinese games companies such as Shanda, and Giant are already achieving billion-dollar stock-market valuations. View the Digi-Capital Global Video Games Investment Review here.

So what do you think? Is 2014 an accurate estimate?

Android Market is growing at 3 times the rate of Apple’s App Store.

21 Feb

The App Genome Project report by mobile company Lookout has today found that the Android Market is growing rapidly and at about three times the pace of Apples App Store.

Since August last year, the number of apps in the Market have grown by around 127%, dwarfing the App Store growth of just 44% in the same time period.

However, according to stats published by Google, there are now a total of 150,000 Android apps available, which is still far fewer than the 350,000 apps available for the iPhone. In addition, Apple’s App Store attracted 23,000 new developers between August and now, whereas Android attracted just 4,000 (although on average Android developers submits more apps – 6.6 to 4.8).

Also, Apple have more paid apps, at 66% of their total (although down from 70% in August) compared to just 34% on Android, with the remainder freebies.

Despite this, the massive growth of Android is at least an indication that Apple’s status as top dog is starting to be threatened. If Android continues to grow at this pace, the number of apps will be matched within no time.

Kevin Mahaffey, Lookout Chief Technology Officer, predicts: “If apps continue to be developed for each platform at this same rate, the Android Market will have more apps than the Apple App Store by mid-2012.”

Mobile World Congress 2011 – The Big Buzz Wrap-up.

21 Feb

The Mobile World Congress 2011 is coming to an end, and so that you are saved from sifting through the hundreds of ‘important’ announcements, Webtrends have analysed social networks, blogs and news articles to bring you the key brands and products this year.

In short:

  1. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony have the most popular products
  2. Everybody loves tablets
  3. Android is generating more buzz than Apple

For those who want slightly more detail:

Samsung wins the buzz war

Samsung achieved the highest amount of mindshare this year with 32% overall, although HTC was battling for top spot on Tuesday when it was winning by 30.8% thanks to tablets and smartphones launched at the show. Overall however, Google beat HTC to second place, due of course to exciting announcements about its Android platf0rm. Surprisingly, Chinese brands Huawei and ZTE had very low buzz despite their efforts at the show.

Long live tablets

Tablets have grown this year to account for nearly half of all buzz, while the MWC has traditionally revolved around handsets. Of course, the iPad was launched just 10 months ago so we can hardly expect previous years’ to be discussing them, however it should still be noted that 50% is very impressive in less than a year!

Two tablets dominated this category – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (representing over a quarter of mindshare) and the LG Optimus 3D (with nearly 30%), though the iPad maintained a strong 19.6%.

Android Buzz

Likely due to the fact that Apple was absent from MWC, Android was clearly dominating chatter, with a hefty 55.6% of it. Microsoft’s Win 7 fared well with 18.8% of buzz, due to the Nokia partnership agreement, while Symbian and Palm were very quiet.

Mobile World Congress 2011: The buzz surrounding day 2…

16 Feb

After the immense buzz of day one largely surrounding LG and Sony’s offerings. There is still very much to talk about as day two gets under way. The big word today is HTC.

You can see the extent of the buzz surrounding HTC at the MWC today from the web trends analysis on the event. It’s buzz is due to the announcement of its Flyer tablet, complete with “magic pen,” as well as its new social smartphones, the ChaCha and Salsa. Samsung and LG both held 11% of the buzz, (where as LG was the talking point yesterday with the unavailing of its optimus 3D smart phone).

Interestingly the Mobile World Congress has always been dominated by mobile phones, understandably, but this year sees a great shift in the buzz which is now being shared with tablets as many of the manufacturers are pushing their tablet offering alongside their smart phones.

But, whos taken the platform amongst platforms?

There is no doubt whos reigning supreme in the platform war, there is only one buzzword in that area and it is Android, the below graph illustrates this…

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