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No getting board of these games – Pocket Gamer Awards part 2

21 Nov

It’s part 2 of our Pocket Gamer Awards showcase this week, and this time we’re looking at another winner, 365 Board Games!

A single game pack with bags of value that offered up to 7 games, user customisable rules and 3 levels of difficulty, the game was a massive hit for board game lovers everywhere. As Pocket Gamer put it,

“the sheer range of content on offer will keep mobile boardgamers grinning.”

And it certainly had them grinning enough to give the game a bronze award. However, they did point out there was some room for improvement so we hit the drawing board and came back with the much improved 365 Board Games 2 in beautiful high definition!

This sequel will not only feature up to 10 classic board games including Snakes and Ladders, Ship Wars (Battleships), Four in a Row, Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men’s Morris, and Tic Tac Toe, but we’ve also created a multiplayer option so you can play with up to 3 friends on the same phone!

Each game has fully customisable rules, and with improved HD graphics, it’s the perfect Christmas board game collection to play during the holiday season. In fact, we know that 365 Board Games 2 is so cool that you’ll want to tell everyone about it, so now you can brag about your wins on Facebook!

The game will be available from December via your mobile operator game portal or on the Android market place, so make sure you check it out and never be caught without an entertaining board game this festive season!

If you need any more convincing, here’s a sneak peek at some of the games on offer:


If you missed last week’s showcase, check it out here.


Help us raise money Children in Need 2011!

17 Nov

It’s been a long wait, but finally Children in Need 2011 is here! If you’re not one of the lucky ones going to the Children in Need Rocks concert tonight, in Manchester (Connect2Media’s home town), don’t forget that it’s being broadcast on BBC One between 8pm and 10pm, as well as on Radio 1.

As part of our contribution this year, we’ve teamed up with T-Mobile and are offering you a chance to donate money by downloading some games from T-Mobile UK’s “Play for Children in Need” section. A share of the revenue will go straight to the charity, and will help to make this the biggest year of fundraising yet! So, show your support, and if you happen to not be on T-Mobile, but know someone who is, let them know! The promotion will run for the whole of November, so you have no excuse to not take part! 🙂

Last but not least, don’t miss Pudsey’s big night tomorrow from 7:30pm on BBC 1! And if that’s not enough Children in Need action for you, tell us what you did to raise money this year by posting a comment on our blog, writing on our new Facebook Page wall or sending us a Tweet – you can find us as Connect2Media or our new account 365 Games!

World Series of Poker – Connect2Media Competition!

7 Jul

So the event that poker fans across the world have been waiting for is finally here!

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, with a massive $10,000 buy-in, begins at 12pm today. And guess who is playing? None other than our favourite poker star, Phil Hellmuth, who is battling to get his all important 12th gold bracelet.

Phil Hellmuth is the star of our mobile game, Hellmuth’s High Stake Hold’em, where you play along with, and learn from, the great man himself. He coaches you hand-by-hand in game so that hopefully one day you can battle in the main event yourself!


To celebrate, we are launching #WSOPcountdown, where you can win amazing Hellmuth merchandise every single day!!

Today (7th July) – follow us on Twitter and retweet our competition message later today. You can win one of these worth $29.99!

Friday (8th July) – missed out on winning the hat yesterday? Don’t worry, simply head over to our Facebook page and answer the question there to be in with the chance of winning a second one

Saturday (9th July) – Want one of these bad boys? Simply follow us on Twitter and retweet the competition message that we send out. Good luck!

Sunday (10th July) – missed out on the t-shirt yesterday? Don’t worry, we’ve got another three up for grabs. Simply answer the poker related question that we send out on Twitter today

Monday (11th July) – Today we’ve got an even bigger and better prize! This time win a hat and t-shirt combo. Simply answer the question that will appear in the comments section below!

Tuesday (12th July) – We’ve saved the biggest and best prize till last! Win 1 of 5 Hellmuth t-shirts!! Simply head over to Facebook and answer the question that will appear. Clue: it’s going to involve this rap!

Good luck everyone! And don’t forget to read our competition terms and conditions.

Mobile World Congress 2011 – The Big Buzz Wrap-up.

21 Feb

The Mobile World Congress 2011 is coming to an end, and so that you are saved from sifting through the hundreds of ‘important’ announcements, Webtrends have analysed social networks, blogs and news articles to bring you the key brands and products this year.

In short:

  1. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony have the most popular products
  2. Everybody loves tablets
  3. Android is generating more buzz than Apple

For those who want slightly more detail:

Samsung wins the buzz war

Samsung achieved the highest amount of mindshare this year with 32% overall, although HTC was battling for top spot on Tuesday when it was winning by 30.8% thanks to tablets and smartphones launched at the show. Overall however, Google beat HTC to second place, due of course to exciting announcements about its Android platf0rm. Surprisingly, Chinese brands Huawei and ZTE had very low buzz despite their efforts at the show.

Long live tablets

Tablets have grown this year to account for nearly half of all buzz, while the MWC has traditionally revolved around handsets. Of course, the iPad was launched just 10 months ago so we can hardly expect previous years’ to be discussing them, however it should still be noted that 50% is very impressive in less than a year!

Two tablets dominated this category – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (representing over a quarter of mindshare) and the LG Optimus 3D (with nearly 30%), though the iPad maintained a strong 19.6%.

Android Buzz

Likely due to the fact that Apple was absent from MWC, Android was clearly dominating chatter, with a hefty 55.6% of it. Microsoft’s Win 7 fared well with 18.8% of buzz, due to the Nokia partnership agreement, while Symbian and Palm were very quiet.

Mobile World Congress 2011: The buzz surrounding day 2…

16 Feb

After the immense buzz of day one largely surrounding LG and Sony’s offerings. There is still very much to talk about as day two gets under way. The big word today is HTC.

You can see the extent of the buzz surrounding HTC at the MWC today from the web trends analysis on the event. It’s buzz is due to the announcement of its Flyer tablet, complete with “magic pen,” as well as its new social smartphones, the ChaCha and Salsa. Samsung and LG both held 11% of the buzz, (where as LG was the talking point yesterday with the unavailing of its optimus 3D smart phone).

Interestingly the Mobile World Congress has always been dominated by mobile phones, understandably, but this year sees a great shift in the buzz which is now being shared with tablets as many of the manufacturers are pushing their tablet offering alongside their smart phones.

But, whos taken the platform amongst platforms?

There is no doubt whos reigning supreme in the platform war, there is only one buzzword in that area and it is Android, the below graph illustrates this…

Highlights of the Mobile World Congress So far…

14 Feb

Sony Xperia

Its not even been through its first day and already a multitude of exciting things have come to surface at the MWC 2011. The big talking point has obviously been the new Xperia handset from Sony. The video below is footage from earlier today and shows the fluidity and flexibility of the new OS and how easy it is to use…

A release date has also been confirmed, the details are below…

Sony Ericsson just announced that Big Red customers will be able to snatch up the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in early Spring as they’ll be the first carrier in the United States to carry the device. We expected that to happen, but it’s official now. They also left TONS of room for other carriers to make their own announcements, and we’re sure that many European outlets will have the goods you’re looking for. Look out for our Xperia Play hands-on in a bit!

A shot from the Xperia Presentation at MWC

Optimus 3D P920 (Aptly titled as this looks like a monster of a phone)

Other news comes from LG who have unveiled their Optimus 3D P920, which they have alleged is the worlds first phone that will use the dual core facility to its full capacity, speeding up games, web pages and everything else in between.

The Optimus 3D Phone

LG announced the Optimus 3D with dual-everything architecture at MWC today, and it packs quite the punch. The glasses-free 3D capable handset sports a 1GHz dual-core dual-channel processor (Texas Instruments OMAP4), 4.3-inch 3D WVGA screen, 8GB memory and 4Gb LP DDR2, 1,500 mAh battery, 5MP dual-lens camera which can shoot 2D in 1080p and 3D in 720p, and it willy initially run Android 2.2 Froyo. We also learned earlier that LG partnered with YouTube to bring a unique 3D experience to the handset – allowing users to upload and view 3D videos directly on their device.
The LG Optimus 3D will begin shipping globally starting with Europe early in the second quarter.

LG also released an incredibly cheesy promotional video, the cheese i hope is for deliberate humorous effect, but does go some way in outlining the power of its 3D capability

their promotional video is incredibly entertaining, inspirational and sums it all up really well, It innovatively compares their new phones infrastructure to a production plant…watch it and you’ll get what i mean..

There will be more updates soon 🙂

The Mobile World Congress Starts Today!

14 Feb

The Mobile World Congress, to those that are unfamiliar is basically a gathering of all the key players in the mobile industry, we have two of our sales team out there, soaking up the sun in beautiful Barca in Spain.

Year over year, the GSMA Mobile World Congress attracts the largest number and highest-quality attendees of any event in the mobile industry. Whether you’re looking to be inspired by senior industry leaders, showcase or grow your business, learn more about the exciting transformation mobile offers or simply network with other great minds, there’s no better place to be than Mobile World Congress.

In 2010, more than 49,000 people attended Mobile World Congress, with a record 54% holding a C-Level / VP / Director job title. More than 2,400 members of the press were on-site, representing more than 1,600 media groups. And true to our name, this is truly a global event: attendees came from 192 countries from around the world.

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