Mobile Gaming Weekly Round-Up 4

22 Jun

Now that everything has cooled down a bit after the hectic week that was E3 we thought it was high time to bring you all the fourth mobile gaming round-up. This week we’re bringing you three juicy nuggets of information from the unveiling of the Nokia N9 to the growing addiction to apps. Enjoy!

Nokia N9 unveiled

This beautiful piece of hardware will be hitting the shelves later this year armed with the much anticipated MeeGo operating system, a polycarbonate shell that’s coloured all the way through (great news for those prone to scratches), and a screen that covers pretty much all of one side.

We’re thinking the latter is great news for gamers who want to see their Ovi Store games as large as possible! So, do you think you’ll take the plunge with the first (and last) MeeGo Nokia mobile?

More N9 hardware details here.

Addicted to apps!

The Guardian this week brought us the exciting news that people are spending more time per day on their apps (including games) than on either desktop or mobile web.

This has come from staggering growth in just the past year: in June 2010 the average user spent 43 minutes a day on apps, but fast forward to June 2011 and we’re spending 81 minutes a day on them. Yes that’s nearly an hour and a half every single day!

No wonder when we’re hearing news like the fact 1 in 3 iPad users can’t bear to be separated from their games to the point where they use it in the toilet! Here at Connect2Media we’re not so sure tech and water should mix :S

Mobile Gaming Research

We’re currently doing a bit of research into everyone and anyone who plays games on their phone. Some interesting trends are already starting to emerge like the fact that more people hear about games they want to buy for the first time on social networks rather than on deck.

But we still want more respondents!!

By filling out a quick survey (taking no longer than 5 minutes… promise) you will be entered into a draw to win £50 Amazon vouchers. Good luck!



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