Mobile gaming weekly round-up 3

6 Jun

With E3 2011 kicking off tomorrow (and therefore filling our brains with long-awaited announcements) we thought we would get our mobile gaming round-up in early. So what can you expect from the third round-up in the series? Everything from the future of Nokia to a boy who sold his kidney for an iPad… yes really!

The Future of Nokia?

So last week Nokia were in the news for the re-branding of Ovi and this week they have re-entered the news again, this time due to pressure from Android. The CEO, Stephen Elop, admits that in Europe at least, Android is starting to eat away at Nokia’s number one spot:

“We’re seeing a large volume of Android devices really coming into the market. They’re largely undifferentiated from one another, which is putting pricing pressure thereupon”

Backing this up, a recent study by GfK TechTalk found that young consumers are now just as likely to consider HTC a brand as they are to consider superbrand Nokia as one.

So what of Nokia’s future? Well it doesn’t look too bad for them yet. The latest research from ComScore found that Nokia still makes four of the top ten handsets inEuropeincluding the all important number one with the Nokia 5800 Xpress music.

What do you think? Will Nokia ride out this competition from Android devices?

Tablets and Game Design

Our very own game developer John Tatlock published a blog over on ngconnect today, where he shares his thoughts on tablets and what they mean for gaming.

Firstly we can sure that tablet owners are playing lots and lots of games. AdMob recently found that games trump all other uses for tablets, with 84% of owners playing them. From his own experience however, John thinks that this is a different sort of gaming:

“During a recent family visit, the nephews and nieces were quite happy to gather into a big huddle on the couch, playing single player games as a group, all merrily poking away at different objects on the screen… Even the smallest laptops don’t really lend themselves to being passed around and shared in this way.”

Tablet computers, he speculates, will become far more part of the shared home environment than either the hyper-personal smartphone or the home office-bound desktop or laptop.

Do you agree?

Loving games a little bit too much!

And finishing on a slightly less serious note (or more serious depending on how you look at it!) is the news this week that a kid has sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad 2!

“I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it,” said the boy so far known to be surnamed Zheng. “A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.”

Now we love games here at Connect2Media but even we think this is taking it too far! Thankfully the police have been called by his mother. What do you think? Do you have any other stories of people loving games that little bit too much?


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