Android looking to launch digital content sites to rival Apple.

21 Feb

Google has been keeping quiet on any plans to extend the Android market, but what were previously disputed rumours in the industry have today got far more backing, with three new URL’s popping up.

We are now seeing live URL links to Android Market Music, Android Market Movies, and Android Market Books, although they currently redirect to the usual Android Market homepage.

This is being seen as evidence of Google attempting to rival Apple’s iTunes, and to match the success that Apple has seen with it. At the moment, the Android Market is limited to free and paid add-on apps for Android based devices, and presumably wants to expand their market.

Although it may seem likely that Google has simply snapped up these URLs before anyone else does, without any plans to use them in the near future, further evidence from theUSsuggests something more. Google has had a successful electronic book store inAmericafor a while, and it makes sense to expand this to more countries. In addition, the concept of Google Music is nothing new.

However, Google Movies is an interesting addition, and suggests Google not only want to match iTunes, but improve on it.

Here at Connect2Media we are excited about this prospect. After all, if anyone can beat the mighty Apple, it is Google! What do you think? Will Apple continue to reign supreme?


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