Mobile World Congress 2011 – The Big Buzz Wrap-up.

21 Feb

The Mobile World Congress 2011 is coming to an end, and so that you are saved from sifting through the hundreds of ‘important’ announcements, Webtrends have analysed social networks, blogs and news articles to bring you the key brands and products this year.

In short:

  1. Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony have the most popular products
  2. Everybody loves tablets
  3. Android is generating more buzz than Apple

For those who want slightly more detail:

Samsung wins the buzz war

Samsung achieved the highest amount of mindshare this year with 32% overall, although HTC was battling for top spot on Tuesday when it was winning by 30.8% thanks to tablets and smartphones launched at the show. Overall however, Google beat HTC to second place, due of course to exciting announcements about its Android platf0rm. Surprisingly, Chinese brands Huawei and ZTE had very low buzz despite their efforts at the show.

Long live tablets

Tablets have grown this year to account for nearly half of all buzz, while the MWC has traditionally revolved around handsets. Of course, the iPad was launched just 10 months ago so we can hardly expect previous years’ to be discussing them, however it should still be noted that 50% is very impressive in less than a year!

Two tablets dominated this category – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (representing over a quarter of mindshare) and the LG Optimus 3D (with nearly 30%), though the iPad maintained a strong 19.6%.

Android Buzz

Likely due to the fact that Apple was absent from MWC, Android was clearly dominating chatter, with a hefty 55.6% of it. Microsoft’s Win 7 fared well with 18.8% of buzz, due to the Nokia partnership agreement, while Symbian and Palm were very quiet.


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