Mobile World Congress 2011: The buzz surrounding day 2…

16 Feb

After the immense buzz of day one largely surrounding LG and Sony’s offerings. There is still very much to talk about as day two gets under way. The big word today is HTC.

You can see the extent of the buzz surrounding HTC at the MWC today from the web trends analysis on the event. It’s buzz is due to the announcement of its Flyer tablet, complete with “magic pen,” as well as its new social smartphones, the ChaCha and Salsa. Samsung and LG both held 11% of the buzz, (where as LG was the talking point yesterday with the unavailing of its optimus 3D smart phone).

Interestingly the Mobile World Congress has always been dominated by mobile phones, understandably, but this year sees a great shift in the buzz which is now being shared with tablets as many of the manufacturers are pushing their tablet offering alongside their smart phones.

But, whos taken the platform amongst platforms?

There is no doubt whos reigning supreme in the platform war, there is only one buzzword in that area and it is Android, the below graph illustrates this…


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