Mobile gaming takes a leap forward with Xperia Play

14 Feb

The Xperia play phone/games console.

XperiaTM PLAY brings smartphone functionality worthy of tech lovers, and teams it with a gaming experience to match other handheld consoles. So will it join the top dogs as a smartphone of choice?

When the phone is held portrait, there is nothing to negatively distinguish it from the other high profile smartphones on the market. It matches them with a 5.1 mega pixel camera with auto focus, geo tagging, image stabiliser and video blogging functionality. In addition you get 4″ multi-touch screen with 480 x 865 pixels, and advanced social networking features.

Turn it around however, and you get something that no other smartphone currently offers. Slide out the game pad and you see two analogue touch pads, a digital D pad, and the instantly recognisable PlayStation icons. The  Snapdragon processor with a 1Ghz CPU and embedded Adreno GPU graphics processor deliver smooth 3D mobile gaming with minimal power consumption.

See the features in more detail here.

So we’re thinking we can play games on the train in the morning and still have plenty of battery for the day’s activities (and even more gaming on the way home!). What do you think? Do you think the gaming functionality will have you trading your current handset?


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