An insight into working at Connect2Media

24 Nov

I now work in gaming!

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in the computer and video games industry? Well, my first two weeks at Connect2Media have given me quite the insight on this. This is my first job since graduating with a degree in mathematics, and in all honesty before I started I was a little nervous! On first entering the bright, spacious office, I saw a lot of busy, hard working people sitting at their desks in front of their computers, presumably attending to important matters. On second glance, I realised that most of them were dressed casually, and throughout my first day I really got to notice the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I was also amused to find that a lot of the folks here decided to take part in Movember, which makes for many fantastic moustaches all around! Basically, it doesn’t fit in to the idea of an average office.

In addition to all the hard work that goes on here, there is also a great deal of fun. Yesterday I got to try out some mobile phone games, just to have an idea and a feel of them. I had a go at EDGE, Go! Go! Rescue Squad! and Silent Hill 3 – so for some part of my day I can officially say I got paid to play games! In terms of a job, it doesn’t get much better than that.

So overall, I am just starting out here and in this industry in general, but the atmosphere and dynamics of this company make me look forward to working for Connect2Media. Plus, being surrounded by all this talk of mobiles and games has got me thinking a lot about getting a new phone and some of those addictive games to make my commute to work a lot more entertaining!

Danielle Morris

Royalty Reporting Analyst


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