Publishing on Traditional Phones in a Smartphone Age

16 Nov

At the Unconference in Dusseldorf much was said of the emergence of new platforms, Windows phone, Android devices etc. My presentation for Connect2Media went against this to a certain extent and talked about the 4 out of 5 phones out there which are not Smartphones, the slow down of the handset replacement cycle and the state of the economy in Europe and the US which means that Smartphones may not be a mass market proposition for some people for a while yet.

What this leaves us with then is a huge market for those who still have Java based handsets. Not to mention the incredible number of handsets still being sold by the likes of Samsung, Nokia and LG to purchasers who either can’t afford, or are not interested in anything cleverer than a device for making phone calls. Mintel’s ‘Mobile Phones and Networks’ stated that 30% of users are not at all interested in handsets but want ‘the cheapest deal’ also suggesting that there will be Java devices around for a while yet.

So the implications for Connect2Media are clear. While we cannot be complacent and have started transitioning to Android and other platforms, it is still a sound strategy to keep producing compelling, fun games and apps for non Smartphones, innovating with award winning games like ‘EDGE’ and making the most of technologies such as Bluetooth like our new ‘Doodle Battleships’ game. Java was once the king, maybe not any more, but Java is far from being dead.


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