Orange’s £99 Android Marvel

12 Oct

99 is a number that dominates a lot of thinking in the mobile industry. 99c for apps, $X.99 for games and apps on mobile and now Orange rock up with an Android phone for £99 (UK). And guess what, it’s a great little device. So impressed with it, I brought one. While I am not quite Victor Kiam, I was impressed with the Orange San Francisco handset to make it my Android choice. While I love my main phone, an iPhone 4.0, I realise how privileged I am to have an Apple wonder-device and that most people can’t afford one or would much rather spend their money on other things. So along comes Google with its Android OS – but still handsets were expensive or tied into 24-month deals. But the San Francisco is a pay as you go model. It works well, it looks good, is a bit flimsy, perhaps but it’s £99 PAYG. That’s £99!

The Orange San Francisco


The price point really makes it a mass-market proposition and it’s a great piece of kit. Great for web browsing, YouTube, email as well as texting etc. It has access to all the Android Apps as well as built in Map and Orange Wednesday apps.

For £99, PAYG. Blimey – just get it for home and use it as a WiFi ‘mini tablet’ and it’s still worth £99 – plus it makes phone calls.

It is devices like this (because I’m sure it won’t be the last £99 PAYG on the high street this side of Christmas) that will propel Android uptake in the UK and democracise access to iPhone like, touch screen devices. This can only be a good thing.


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