Connect2Media at Gamescom 2010

7 Sep

Last month Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, played host to 100’s of exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest from the world of games and entertainment. Running from the 18th to the 22nd August, it was a fantastic few days that Connect2Media were lucky enough to attend.

Big Title Interest

The range of game variety and innovation was clear to see from day 1. Stars Wars: The Old Republic grabbed many peoples attention, bringing the force to an online multiplayer environment that will undoubtedly attract a large following. Call of Duty: Black Ops unsurprisingly also pulled in a large crowd, building up queues that stretched out of the door.

Movement Gaming

The PlayStation Move stand had a large number of people waving around glowing microphone-like stick-controllers, but thoroughly enjoying it. Little Big Planet 2 looked great – which we think would rock on a touchscreen accelerometer mobile. Microsoft also showcased Kinect; their controller-less, sensor based gaming system. It did look very cool indeed…people dancing and pulling off quick movements which was picked up fairly accurately by the sensors.


It will be interesting to see how well both Kinect and Move break into the movement-game market established by Wii, which was showing its latest Sing Star and Dance Dance titles at the event. One thing is for sure however – this progression in gaming is very intriguing indeed. We wonder if the mobile game industry could move (excuse the pun) towards large movement based games? Connecting the iPhone up to the Apple TV to play Angry Birds by moving your phone? Now that would be interesting…

Exhibitor Displays

Gamescom not only brings together awesome new games and tech, but also an impressive amount of creativity in the displays used for promotion. Red Faction Armageddon by THQ looks an interesting game, but check out the huge character at the front of the display!


Final Thoughts

What is interesting is how digital delivery is changing the gaming industry, with casual titles reaching a wider audience on more devices than ever before. There were bucket loads more of new releases and titles that grabbed the attention of many, but the list is too long to add to this post! The show in Cologne last month was great from start to finish and Connect2Media were very glad to have been in attendance.

Roll on next year!


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