What would be your dream mobile game?

25 Aug

Followers of Connect2Media on Facebook and Twitter may have noticed that several weeks ago we asked you an interesting question:

If you could choose any game ever made on any console to be a mobile game, what game would you choose?

With Twitter users tagging their suggestions with #Dreammobilegame and Facebook users commenting on our fan page wall, we have had some very interesting ideas already… but we want to hear some more!

What would be your dreammobilegame?

So, what game would you choose to be able to play on your mobile? It could be that rare, dusty game you have sitting in your loft or perhaps the best chart-topping title of 2010. Either way, let us know your ideas!

Feel free to post a comment here, on our Facebook page or tweet the message with the tag #Dreammobilegame.

What game would you choose?



One Response to “What would be your dream mobile game?”

  1. chaitanaya August 31, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    I would like to see “Claw”, by Monolith Productions

    this is an awsome game ever .It is from Monolith Productions

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